Friday, April 27, 2012

DSO Nano made useful

DSO Nano V2 from Seeedstudio is a great hobbyist scope. Even though not Pro, it has proven to be very helpful for troubleshooting everyday situations.

There are two things however, where this scope really sucks: The stand, and the probe. The probes that come with it are cheap and ugly. The stand is a small piece of aluminum that will not hold the scope in place, making it difficult to work with.

So How to fixe them both?: You can get a standard probe from Amazon and adapt a small plug in just minutes. The stand is even easier if you happen to have a Panavise Jr: The DSO fits perfectly and stays rock solid!
This not only provides good angle for viewing but also allows single-handed operation, which for many will be the most important feature.

This is the best stand for the DSO Nano you will ever come up with.

Standard connector with the MONO metal plug:

The finished probe for the Nano:

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